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"The Morris Ice Boot is revolutionary in its design and efficacy for injured and rehabilitating athletes. Having used the Boot for the past 5 years I have seen first hand the benefits that the tool possesses. Its ingenious design is revolutionary in the way that cold ice can be provided due to its portable design and ease of use. It can be used in multiple settings like the home, the hotel, the office; and is cost-effective due to its re-usability and elimination of the continual need to purchase and dispose of multitudes of ice bags. It is a tool that I swear by and recommend to all sports care providers as well as up and coming athletes looking to effectively provide ice for leg and foot injuries."
Craig Boyd, Morehouse College

"I have used this boot on my athletes and have discovered that they can apply ice while doing something else simultaneously. They were no longer tied down by sloppy ice bags that fell apart as soon as they moved off their treatment table. And even better...The Morris Boot™ no longer leaks water on the furniture at home and at the dorm. It's like "ice to go." The athlete no longer had to be isolated from the team and coaches while icing the injury after a game or practice."
Steve Bryant, Athletic Trainer

"An athlete came into the athletic training room hopping on one leg. She told me she had “rolled” her ankle. She had a history of this. I put her into a Morris Boot and filled it with ice both medially and laterally. We then sent her to our team physician. Packed with ice, The Boot actually provided enough support to that ankle so that she could walk to see the doctor. The Boot impressed the doctor so much that he re-applied it on my athlete after he examined and x-rayed her ankle. The doctor then instructed her to continue to ice the ankle at least two more times that day…and to do it using The Morris Boot.

On the next day she returned to the training room wearing her shoe inside The Morris Boot. She was walking. I was very pleased to see that the swelling in her injured ankle was minimal. As a result, she was able to return to competition very quickly. I believe The Boot helped us achieve that good result. I plan to use it again and again.

This Boot is cool. It is inexpensive and I liked having it readily available for all of our athletes…on the road and at home. It is easy to use and just might be the stimulus package that I’d been looking for!

Steve Bryant, Athletic Trainer

"I think The Morris Boot is beneficial for in-house (athletic) trainers, travel treatments and at-home application of ice. The ability to have a quality container like this available for icing the ankle and lower leg for treatments outside the athletic training room will help the athlete with the healing process. "
Rob Higgs, Athletic Trainer, Montana State University

"A football player sprained his ankle during spring practice. It was a grade 2+ with moderate edema. The player had a history of being very apprehensive to any type of cold therapy. The Morris Boot was applied to his ankle and the athlete did not complain of discomfort after inserting his lower leg and filling both pockets of the boot with ice! The ice was applied for 20 minutes and then a compression wrap was applied as the athlete was leaving the athletic training room. ('If we had had more boots available, I would have sent one home with the player to enable him to continue icing one or two more times later in the day in his room.')...less edema is paramount in the hastening of the healing process. Not only was this product helpful with my football player, but The Boot is very practical for ALL sports, especially when they travel!"
Rob Higgs, Athletic Trainer, Montana State University

"A most convenient, economical method of treating Foot and Ankle injuries immediately on the playing field, locker room, or at home."
Hunter Smith

"The Boot provides an economical and better way to isolate cold to specific injuries"
Ron Medlin, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens

"The Morris Boot is very accommodating to the individual. Its application is easy; anyone can administer it to themselves, and it is less messy than the conventional ice bag. Even better, it allows the user to be mobile while icing. At FLETC we loved using it for "shin splints".-"
Steve Yates, Athletic Trainer/Ret.

"We used the Boot with ALL sports at Notre Dame. We liked its convenience features and its mess-free application"
Tony Sutton, Athletic Trainer

"I love the Boot. It is packable and so easy to re-use. It is especially valuable because it conforms to the foot and lower leg while it still allows the athlete to remain mobile"
Drew Ferguson, UAB Sports Medicine Children’s Hospital, Birmingham

"Compression is very good while ice completely surrounds the leg. We no longer had to use multiple bags while attempting to hold them in place with plastic wrap. With the Boot the athlete could get up and move around without "juggling" leaking bags that refused to stay in place.Our women athletes like them, too."
Jeff Monroe, Michigan State University/Ret.

"We distributed this product to ALL sports at Florida and were pleased with its results. It was easy to prepare and cooled quickly. We used it on the plane, the bus, and in the classroom."
Chris Patrick, University of Florida, Assistant AD for Sports Health

"After having two shoulder surgeries it is always important that I ice down my shoulder after playing. Finding a way to put ice on my shoulder at the field or in my room at the hotel is always a problem. The Morris Wing makes it simple. It fits easily and comfortably without hindering any movements. I am then able to recover more quickly for the next day's action. I recommend the Wing."
Greg Klein, outfielder for "The Steel Dawgs" aka the 60+ AA SSUSA national Champions and 2011 Triple Crown Winners

"The Wing is innovative and versatile. It’s re-usable…it’s adaptable to more than the shoulder, specifically the knee, the thigh, the hip and the low back. As it stays in place on many of our athletes, it is much easier than wrapping and anchoring a literal ball of ice in place."
Tony Sutton, Athletic Trainer

"The Wing icing system is an outstanding revolutionary and useful application of ice to the shoulder joint. It is very easy to use because it sits on the shoulder so that an elastic bandage is often not even required."
Jeff Monroe, Athletic Trainer

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