The Morris Wing®

At last! A multi-chambered containment system made especially for many areas like the shoulder and upper extremity, the knee and thigh and hard-to-fit anatomy. It’s all about choice and possibilities.

No tubes, straps or wraps required. Uniquely shaped for coverage and conformity, its portable, simple and easy to use features allow for mobility; the kind of mobility that’s convenient and efficient for the player, the athletic trainer, the coach and the team. Developed with over 50 years’ of experience in sports care and athletic training, The Morris Wing® is self-administered, used bi-laterally, can be worn with or without a wrap, is re-usable; holds special seams for balance. Put this on your list!

The Morris Wing®

         For multiple body areas along with the shoulder & upper extremity-

  • Holds Wet-Ice or Ice Packs
  • A Special Shape to Enhance Conformity and Ease of Use
  • Re-Usable, Portable and Bilateral
  • No Tubes, Velcro or Straps Required
  • Used With or Without a Wrap
  • Self-Administered
  • Allows for Mobility

“After having two shoulder surgeries it is always important that I ice down my shoulder after playing. Finding a way to put ice on my shoulder at the field  or in my room at the hotel is always a problem. The Morris Wing makes it simple. It fits easily and comfortably without hindering any movements. I am then able to recover more quickly for the next day’s action. I recommend the Morris Wing for anyone experiencing shoulder issues who still want to stay active.”  Greg Klein, outfielder for “The Steel Dawgs” aka the 60+ AA SSUSA national Champions and 2011 Triple Crown Winners

“The Wing” icing system is an outstanding revolutionary and useful application of ice to the shoulder joint. It is very easy to use because it sits on the shoulder so that an elastic bandage is often not even required for anchoring it in place. It is reusable, and safe for our students athletes.”Athletic Trainer, Jeff Monroe, Michigan State University

“The Wing is innovative and versitile. It’s re-usable…it’s adaptable to more than the shoulder, specifically the knee, the thigh, the hip, the low back. As it stays in place on many of our athletes, it is much easier than wrapping and anchoring a literal ball of ice on place.”Athletic Trainer, Tony Sutton, Notre Dame University

The Morris Wing® 

Morris Wing™ - Ice Therapy


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