“The Morris Boot is revolutionary in its design and efficacy in providing relief to injured and rehabilitating athletes. having ued the Boot for the past 3 years, I have seen first hand the benefits this tool possesses.

Its ingenious design is revolutionary in the way that treatment can be provided due to its portable design and ease of use. It can be used in multiple settings such as the home, the office, the bus or plane, and even in the hotel. Due to its re-usability, it is cost-effective by design, thus eliminating the continual need for purchasing multitudes of ice bags.

Mr. Morris has designed a tool that has an ease of use while still providing highly effective treatment. It is a tool that I swear by and recommenced to all athletic trainers as well as up and coming athletes looking to effectively provide ice treatment for leg and foot injuries.”Athletic Trainer, Craig Boyd, Morehouse College


“The Boot is great for travel; not only is it very affordable but it allows for mobility, too! When we play at home, we put it on the hospitality cart for visiting teams.” Jeff and Jim, Athletic Trainers, Atlanta Braves.


“We have distributed this product to ALL sports at Florida and have been pleased with its results. It has a variety of uses for us. We use it on the plane, the bus and in the classroom.” Chris, Athletic Trainer and Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Health, University of Florida.


“After having two shoulder surgeries it is always important that I ice down my shoulder after playing. Finding a way to put ice on my shoulder at the field is always a problem. The Morris Wing makes it simple. It fits easily and comfortably without hindering any movements. I am then able to recover more quickly for the next day’s action. i recommend the Morris Wing for anyone experiencing shoulder issues who still want to stay active.” Outfielder for “The Steel Dawgs” aka the 60+ AA SSUSA national Champions and 2011 Triple Crown Winners 

“The Wing” icing system is an outstanding revolutionary and useful application of ice to the shoulder joint. It is very easy to use because it sits on the shoulder so that an elastic bandage is often not even required for anchoring it in place. It is reusable, and safe for our students athletes.” Athletic Trainer, Jeff Monroe, Michigan State University


“The Wing is innovative and versitile. It’s re-usable…it’s adaptable to more than the shoulder, specifically the knee, the thigh, the hip, the low back. As it stays in place on many of our athletes, it is much easier than wrapping and anchoring a literal ball of ice on place.” Athletic Trainer, Tony Sutton, Notre Dame University


“I love the Boot. It is packable and so easy to use and re-use. It is especially valuable because it conforms to the foot and lower leg while it still allows the athlete to remain mobile.” Drew, Athletic Trainer and Director of UAB Sports Medicine, Birmingham, Alabama.


“While the Boot can be used in a variety of ways, I like it because I can elicit compression while ice completely surrounds the leg. We no longer have to use multiple bags while attempting to hold them in place with plastic wrap. With the Boot, the athlete can get up and move around without ‘juggling’ leaking bags that refuse to stay in place. Our women athletes really like using this product, too.” Jeff, Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Training, Sports Medicine and Strength and Conditioning, Michigan State University.


“We are using the Boot with ALL sports at Notre Dame. We like its convenience features and its mess-free application.” Tony, Associate Athletic Trainer, University of Notre Dame.

“Coaches and athletic trainers should have the Boot available for all of their players; all youth league parents should have them on hand, too. It’s a convenient and economical tool for use on the playing field, in the locker room, and at home.” Hunter, Athletic Trainer, New York Sentinels, and formerly the Indianapolis Colts, College of William and Mary, Salisbury University.


“…had the opportunity to use one of the Boots at our conference BB tournament last month.  It worked wonderfully!  The athlete was compliant and was able to come back when I thought he might not be able to.” Dennis, MS, LAT, ATC, Head Athletic Trainer, The University of Montana–Missoula.

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